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On Diversity

Updated: May 11, 2021

Diversity is extremely important to further our understanding of the world as it melds the wisdom of different cultures with novel ideas so we can learn from experiences and observations not our own. Diversity of thought brings strange and sometimes repulsive concepts to light that may or may not be shown to have merit.

The cycle of progress is a dance between civilization and certainty, refinement and gradualism, revolution and uncertainty, creation and destruction. It happens in spite of our desires and often by accident and doesn't matter if we embrace change or even recognize it. Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the diversity of thought we all thrive on.

The beauty of wine is its diversity. No other beverage brings the historical span and multiplicity of varieties, practices, perceptions, occasions, and cultural significance to humanity as does wine. We are free to ignore wine or underestimate its potential but this does not diminish its essential nature or its contribution to the human condition. We simply cheat ourselves of a fuller appreciation of life.

In similar fashion, our own diversity strengthens us and brings beauty to our lives. Appreciating diversity of thought brings us closer together, regardless of any other differences we may have. Focusing on physical differences, psychological predilictions, or past transgressions simply drives us apart.

Discriminating against one group does not alleviate discrimination against another. Self-loathing is not virtue nor is hatred of others. Just as wine labels do not dictate that wine is good, so our ideas, not our superficial differences, contribute valuable diversity to our lives.

Let's get to it.

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