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67 Pall Mall Virtual Events

London Wine Club

A Framework To Understanding Wine

Excellent article about how to taste wine from Grande Passione (Jean Charles Viens & Franco Conti)

ACEVIN (Wine Routes of Spain)


Arblaster & Clarke

B My Bordeaux

Over 14.000 tasting notes on over 440 Bordeaux estates by Norwegian wine writer Christer Byklum

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The original balsamic vinegar


Browser "screen savers":

A collection of people, sites, apps, tools and other products that anyone can use to learn about and appreciate cocktails and spirits.

Interesting Who's Who for the cocktail industry, such as David Wondrich, cocktail historian and author.

Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts


Campbell Mattinson

Confrérie de Saint-Vincent and Grumeurs de Santenay

Grumeurs ("tasters") meet on the Feasts of Saint Vincent and Saint John and in mid-November in the château of Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy in 1376.

Confrérie de la Saint-Vincent et disciples de la Chanteflûte

Bacchic confraternity of Burgundy promoting the Mercurey appellation in the Côte Chalonnaise.


Food and wine tourism in Spain (Rioja)

Difford's Guide

Massive database of cocktails

Dijon International Gastronomy Fair

Held for two weeks in early November at the Dijon exposition center

Fiona Beckett Matching food & wine

French wine societies

Bacchic brotherhoods are assemblies of professionals and wine lovers, who promote the wines of the region they represent in regular meetings called "chapters".

Gentian Research Network

List of gentian drinks

Geographical Digest Webinar Series

The SOMM Journal—in association with National Geographic and SommCon—invites you to participate in a free wine-tasting webinar series called Geographical Digest.

Global Wine Score

An adjusted score aggregating the opinions of major wine critics from around the world

Global Wine Score Blog

Fascinating analysis related to wine ratings

Great Wine Capitals

Network of 10 wine regions encouraging travel, education, and business exchanges between prestigious wine regions within Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. Includes links for wine tourism, news, business, education, and wine.

Jancis Robinson Event Calendar

Add details of any event designed for wine lovers (not wine professionals) by clicking on the Learn link in the horizontal menu along the top of any page and then on the Calendar link in the menu below that.

Jeremy Oliver

Australian wine critic and presenter

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

La Confrérie des Chevaliers des Trois Ceps

Brotherhood of the Three Vines refers to the three main communes of the Auxerrois (Saint Bris, Chitry, Irancy) but promotes the wines and traditions of the entire region, from Coulanges to Joigny.

La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin

Brotherhood of the Knights of the Tastevin hold meetings ("chapters") to promote the wine and food of Burgundy.

La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin Tastevinage

Held Saturday night before the auction at the Hospices de Beaune. It is the first of the Trois Glorieuses de Bourgogne (three glorious days), the first being Le Tastevinage on Saturday night, the second being the auction on Sunday, and the third La Paulée de Meursault.

La Confrérie des Vignerons de Saint-Vincent-Mâcon

Promotes, at home and abroad, the fine wines, white and red, of the Mâconnais.

La Cousinerie de Bourgogne

Founders from Savigny-lès-Beaune were the first "cousins" celebrating the hospitality of Burgundy but newer "cousins" need not be from Burgundy

La Paulée de Meursault

Held Monday at noon the day after the auction at the Hospices de Beaune. La Paulée is a meal that marks the end of the harvest and is the third of the the Trois Glorieuses de Bourgogne (three glorious days), the first being Le Tastevinage on Saturday night, the second being the auction on Sunday.

Le Bailliage de Pommard

Pommard wine brotherhood run by a woman holds inductions of new "bailiffs" in the spring and fall

Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne

Week long trade show reserved for professional wine buyers held in each terroir. Held every other year in March.

Les Piliers Chablisiens

Wine society whose pillars ("supporters") honors everyone who champions the wines and traditions of Burgundy, particularly Chablis. New "Pillars" are inducted in January (Saint Vincent festival), May (Saint Pig festival), and November (expo and tasting).

Master-the-World™ Learn to Taste Like a Pro

Subscribers can look to improve their tasting skills and expand their wine knowledge via carefully curated blind-tasting kits, conveniently delivered monthly to their door.

Mo’s Bacon Bar


Robert Parker

Brand of the world's most influential wine critic, now retired

Tales of the Cocktail Foundation

TOTCF programs Educate, Advance, and Support the global drinks industry. The Stories section has many interesting articles on techniques, recipes, tours, history, news, wellness, and more.

The Alchemist's Wine Perspective

Alexander J. Pandell, Ph.D. (Chemistry) provides reliable wine information and reviews from the perspective of a scientist. Describes a numerical descriptor (not rating) system from 1-5 called CNFATE ("sin-fate") -- Color, Nose, Fruit, Acid, Tannin, and End -- and an indicator called TFR (Tannin-to-Fruit Ratio). The CNFATE/TFR system avoids the repetition inherent in describing wine with words and allows for a concise, organized, logical listing of wines. CNFATE and TFR are used to arrive at a 100 point score.

The Beverage Tasting Institute

The Cablis Wine Festival

Tasting in late October presented by Les Piliers Chablisiens (Pillars, or supporters, of Chablis)

The Cook’s Thesaurus

The Festival of the Grands Vins de Bourgogne

3 days of tastings held in November by the Confédération des Appellations et des Vignerons de Bourgogne (CAVB).

The Wine Advocate Vintage Guide


The Wine Auction of the Hospices de Beaune

Held the 3rd Sunday of November at the Hotel-Dieu of Beaune. The auction is on the the Trois Glorieuses de Bourgogne, the other two being the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (held Saturday night) and the Paulee de Meursault (held Monday at noon).

The Wine Auction of the Hospices de Nuits-Saint-Georges

Held one week before Palm Sunday at Chateau du Clos de Vougeot.

Truth In Olive Oil

Understanding Authentic Balsamic Vinegar

Visit Vineyards


Wine Beserkers

World's largest and most active wine forum

Wine Century Club

Certification of self-proclaimed tasting of some number of grape varieties made into wine. Membership levels indicate the number you've reached: <100 (Demi), 100 (Regular), 200 (Doppel), 300 (Trebble), 400 (Quattro), 500 (Pentavini), 600 (Hexavin). Member with the most self-proclaimed varieties tasted is called "Le Grand Prix du Cepage".

Wine Routes for Rioja Alavesa, Rioja Alta, and Rioja Oriental

Landscapes, Heritage, Accommodation, Wineries, Restaurants and Bars

Rioja Alavesa Wine Route:
Rioja Alta Wine Route:
Rioja Oriental Wine Route:

Wine Tourism

Online booking platform designed to make wine tastings and tours more accessible with an interesting focus on many little known wine regions in Europe (Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland), as well as the expected places (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, U.S., Uruguay) and some unexpected (Bolivia, Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, U.K., Vietnam). Broad view of eno/gastro tourism as any activity that allows visitors to experience the winery, the vineyards, or the surrounding wine region. They also provide surveys and reports such as the impact of COVID-19 on wine tourism.


Wine Tours, Cooking Classes, Whisky Tastings, Truffle Hunting

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