Wine Service Techniques (For Servers)

Videos provided by WSET, Guildsomm, and Wine Folly

Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)

Food and Drink training videos

Wine Folly Online Wine Course

7 hours of videos teaching wine basics

Wine Masters TV

Rent or buy wine-related documentaries, class on regions and technical aspects, influential wine professionals ("icons"), adventurous wine travel, and blind tastings ("battles"). Offers certificates comparable to WSET level 3.

Red Obsession

Documentary about China's obsession with Bordeaux wine


The three SOMM documentaries explore the difficulty of the MS exam, the breadth of the wine world, and aspects of critical tasting.


Popular movie about wine tourism

Inside Winemaking

Learn how to make wine from the pros

A Chef’s Guide to Understanding Authentic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Wine. All The Time.

Popular wine blog, podcast, and book

Bordeaux Pronunciation Guide

Cephas Picture Library

Great Sommeliers

Sommelier advice

FCI Wine Channel on You Tube

Guild of Sommeliers

Wine Library TV

Bottle Shock

Movie about the Judgment of Paris

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