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1 Wine Dude

Popular blog by Joe Roberts

1000 Grape Escapes

Information about 90 grapes as of 2018-07-05

1976 Paris Wine Tasting

New World wine gained stature after this now famous tasting

A Brief History of Beer

Hymn to Nincasi is the oldest documentation pertaining to beer

A Wine Story

Wine writer Marisa D’Vari


Interesting articles about spirits, safe and sustainable cocktails, and clear ice

Alcohol Social Research Foundation (FISAC)

Mexican foundation that provides articles on research, studies, workshops, programs, surveys, statistics, etc., which provide information on any subject related to alcohol

Alsace "Hugel"

Pronounced "Oo-gel"

American Assoc. of Wine Economists Journal of Wine Economics

Papers regarding economic research and analyses normally not exceed 6,000 words published by Cambridge University Press

American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

Novel, foundational research in areas underpinning grape and wine production. AJEV’s focus is research, with a mission of “research to discovery.”

Open access (OA) articles will be free on and for research published by authors receiving funding from cOAlition S-affiliated funders.


Online magazine by French wine critic Yohan Castaing


Italian wine blog by Nadali Giampiero


Berry Brothers & Rudd

Britain's oldest wine and spirit merchant, having traded from the same shop since 1698. Also has offices in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong and a Wine School.

Besotted Ramblings and other drivel

Champagne expert


PDO/PGI maps of wine, cheese, meat, olive oil from Spain. Lists of Denominación de Origen/Denominación de Origen Calificada (D.O./D.O.Ca), D.O. PAGO, Vinos de Calidad (VCPRD), Vino de la Tierra (VdlT).

Bonny Doon

Ben Doon So Long collects his articles and newsletters in a book

Bordeaux Wine Blog

Alex Rychlewski's blog championing affordable wines from Bordeaux

Brenna J. Quigley

Geologist, Terroir Specialist, Illustrator

California Agriculture Network

Legislation, technology, and education for agriculture including the grape industry

Catalyst: Discovery into Practice

Catalyst translates research into practice, and will focus on extending fundamental discoveries in the scientific disciplines to sustain and advance winemaking and grapegrowing.

Open access (OA) articles will be free on and for research published by authors receiving funding from cOAlition S-affiliated funders.

Champagne Guide

Peter Liem's comprehensive guide to the wines and wine producers of Champagne


The Winemakers Research Exchange (WRE) is a research cooperative for wineries that wish to ehance wine quality and economic profitability through the evaluation of different vineyard and winemaking practices on the chemical and sensory characteristics of finished wine. Services are free of charge.

Château Vignelaure

Introduction of Cabernet Sauvignon in Provence

Club Oenologique

Subscription for the modern, discerning consumer who appreciates the new, the scarce, the interesting, the artisan, and the beautiful.

Cocktail Wonk

Matt Pietrek is a writer, educator, historian, and consultant for spirits, particularly rum. Detailed information on Rum, Tiki, Bourbon, and Scotch Whisky.

Complete list of wine blogs

List of wine blogs

Connections To Wine

Replaced by Wine Chronicles

Copper & Kings

Blog with interesting posts about spirits including the history of brandy

Costco Wine Blog

Córdoba Wine Travel (CWT)

Wines from Córdoba, Argentina

Dallas Wine Chick

Popular blog by Melanie Ofenloch

Dame Wine

Popular blog by Cathrine Todd

Dan Miller’s Cellar Notes

Wine references

Dictionnaire encyclopédique des cépages et de leurs synonymes

The "Encyclopedic dictionary of grape varieties and their synonyms" resulted from the lifelong work of Pierre Galet, a professor at the University of Montpellier and father of modern ampelography. With over 1,200 pages and 3,000 photos, it allows identification of nearly 10,000 grape varieties. French language.

Difford's Guide to Hacienda Patrón

How Patrón makes Tequila


Wine Regions of the World series of winery locations viewed in Google Earth. Charts for 1992-2012 vintages for a few regions, mainly in France and California.


Popular blog by Tom Wark with daily updates

Flawless: Understanding Faults in Wine

Jamie Goode explores the concept of wabi-sabi, a thoughtful look at wine faults. ISBN-13: 978-0520276901

Good Vitis

Aaron Menenberg's blog with Kayce Seifert's photos and social media posts


Blog by Tim James about South African wine

Grape Collective

Engages the casual wine drinker about how a good wine becomes better the more you know about it.


Reviews of Wine and Spirits by Lou Marmo

Great Bordeaux Wines

Izak Litwar's blog about wines from Bordeaux

Growing Quality Grapes to Winery Specifications

eBook recommended by Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW for soil, nutrition, canopy, irrigation, and pest and disease management; 107 page (with cover) practical, plain language guide, produced for grape growers.

Guild of Sommeliers

Superb training materials and professional community

Harper’s W&S Trade Review

Hugh Johnson

World's best selling wine writer


Isabelle Lesschaeve's blog on wine aromas

Isabelle Legeron MW

Blog ( from Isabelle Legeron MW, crusador for the natural wine movement, is under construction.

It's A Winderful Life

Tracy Ellen Kamens, CWE, DipWSET offers free wheels (wine, coffee, chocolate) and viticultural charts (pests, rootstocks)tocks

It's Time to Rethink Wine Criticism

The sins of wine criticism by Eric Asimov

It's Time to Rethink Wine Criticism (But Not Like That)

Peter Pharos's criticism of Eric Asimov article

Italian Grape Name and Appellation Project

YouTube videos of growers pronouncing the names of their grapes and appellations are organized in alphabetical order on Jeremy Parzen's blog

Italy's Native Wine Grape Terroirs

Reference on Italian wine grape terroirs by Ian D'Agata, ISBN-13: 978-0520290754

J'aime mon patrimoine

Website is slow and in French language only but interesting. "I love my heritage" is a communication agency that publishes social media for the general public in order to promote French cultural heritage. Offers news, games, and information about regions in France and French culture.

Jancis Robinson’s Article Search

Jesse Becker Périphérique

Judgement of Paris

1976 Paris Tasting as told by George Faber, the only reporter that attended it

Judgement of Paris FAQ

40 Facts for the 40th Anniversary

Juicy Tales

Popular wine blog by Jo Diaz

Just Beer

News and Events related to Canadian and American beers

La Revue du Vin de France

Le Guide Hachette des Vins

Authoritative French wine ratings. Register to download table of French vintages (1945-2017)

Matt Barrett's Greece Guides

Blog about Greek history, food, beer, ouzo, and wine.

Meininger's Wine Business International

Miquel Hudin's News and Reviews

Vinologue books founder Miquel Hudin

My Vinotype

Tim Hanni, MW,CWE discusses wine preferences as a combination of what you sense (physiological) and what it means to you (psychological) using "vinotypes" as a way to combat "collective delusions". Good training to avoid dismissive attitudes and promote progressive wine lists.

Natalie Maclean

Canada's most quoted wine writer

Native Wine Grapes of Italy

Authoritative reference on Italian wine grapes by Ian D'Agata. ISBN 978-0520272262

Natural Wine

An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines made naturally. Isabelle Legeron, the first French female MW, created the RAW WINE festival for natural and low-intervention organic and biodynamic wines.

Nature Index

Institutions and countries which dominated research in the natural sciences

Northern California Wine

Blog by Fred Swan

Nova Cadamatre

First U.S. woman to become a Master of Wine (fall of 2017), advocate of Finger Lakes wines, winemaker at Trestle Thirty One ( , and wine consultant. Excellent articles and links. Nova presents the Wine Scholar Guild "Vine to Wine" webinar.

Opus Vino

Illustrated wine book discussing 4,500 wineries


Articles about wine, spirits, beer and cocktails

Palate Press

Best reads from around the web

Planet Grape Wine Review

Reviews of wine, beer, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, and food products by Catherine Fallis, MS. Locate reviews by country, grape variety, or wine type.

Premium Sommelier Job Portal

Provence Winezine

Online magazine by Susan Newman Manfull, wine journalist

Rebecca Gibb

New Zealand

Richard Mayson

Focus on Portuguese wines including Port and Madeira

Rockin Red Blog

Popular blog by Michelle Williams

Role of Oak Coumarins in the Taste of Wines and Spirits: Identification, Quantitation, and Sensory Contribution through Perceptive Interactions

Bitter tastes in wine from oak are due to coumarins: Esculetin, Fraxetin, Umbelliferone, Scopoletin, Coumarin, and 4-Methylumbelliferone

Rosemary George, MW

Southern France

SVB on Wine

Rob McMillan

SWE Wine Links

Educational resources

SevenFifty Daily

Articles and opinions about wine, beer, and spirits

Sherry Sips

Excellent list of references about Sherry by Seana Yee

Silicon Valley Bank Wine Report

Sip on this Juice

Popular wine block by Amy Lieberfarb


Popular blog and wine store with succinct information on grapes and regions but the format could be improved.

Spirits Links

Nice list of spirits-related educational resources

TBM’s Wine Links

Nice set of references related to wine and whisky in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish

Tasting Panel Magazine


Popular blog with daily updates

The 30 Best Hospitality Programs in the United States

The Academic Wino

Reviews of academic articles

The Bubbly Professor

Adventures in Wine and Spirits Education by Jane Nickles, CWE, CSE and Director of Education and Certification for the Society of Wine Educators.

The Classic Wine Library

Books on wines and spirits by world-renowned experts

The Collins College of Hospitality Management

The Cork Report

Lenn Thompson’s online magazine and podcast covering wines from North America, excluding CA, WA, OR

The Fermented Fruit

Popular consumer viewpoint blog by Ryan O'Hara; Nice quote "The discovery of a good wine is increasingly better for mankind than the discovery of a new star" - Leonardo da Vinci

The Home Winemakers Manual

Lum Eisenman provides beginning home winemakers with basic “how to” instructions and an introduction to some of the more technical aspects of winemaking.

The International Wine Review

The Passionate Foodie

Blog about food and wine by Richard Auffrey

The SOMM Journal

Excellent successor to the Sommelier Journal

The True Story of To-Kalon Vineyard

Matt Stamp does a great job digging up the vineyard's history for GuildSomm

The Vino Files

Test aids for MS candidates including blank wine maps

The Wall Street Journal

Lettie Teague's wine articles

The Wine Cellar Insider

Nice explanation of Kosher wine and what mevushal means

The Wine Cellar Insider

Excellent resource by Jeff Leve about Bordeaux, Rhone, and California wine (buying guides, tasting notes, food pairing, grapes, vintages, history, classification, Kosher wine and Mevushal Wine)

The Wine Economist

Mike and Sue Veseth

The Wine Info Site

Briefs about grapes, wine regions, and producers; produces web sites for wine producers and retailers, who pay a fee

The Wine Siren

Popular blog by Kelly Mitchell

The World of Fine Wine

My favorite quarterly wine magazine... close to poetry at times

The wine villages of the Côte d’Or in the 18th Century

A detailed look at the soils of the Côte de Nuits

Tim Atkin MW

Blog by Tim Atkin MW

University of California Press

Search for books


Popular blog with many "best of" lists. Includes beer.


Popular wine blog for the connoosseur.

Vino Da Burde

Italian blog by Andrea Gori (wine) and Paolo Gori (food)

Vino Travels

Italian wine blog by Jennifer Martin


Australian wine


Popular blog by Alder Yarrow, author of "The Essence of Wine"


Enotourism guides covering wine regions in France, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and South Africa


Online magazine by Antonio Galloni, Stephen Tanzer, Neal Martin, et al. Interactive maps of Barolo and Barbaresco. Mobile application requires subscription for full access.

Vintrinsic Solutions

Roger Bohmrich, MW educational resources

Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi

Viruses are very tiny, simple organisms, that are not considered alive. Bacteria are much larger, though still microscopic, in size. Fungi are plant-like organisms that absorb food from whatever they are growing on because they lack chlorophyll. Examples of diseases caused by each are flus, strep throat, and athlete's foot respectively.


VITISPHERE publishes wine-industry websites including,,, and It is one of the most prominent B2B marketing players.

Washington Wine Report

Sean P. Sullivan's blog. He is Wine Enthusiast’s Washington and Idaho wine reviewer.


Excellent wine resource, lexicon, toasts by country

What’s the Matter with Grosses Gewächs

David Schildknecht criticism on this prestige category of dry German wines

Wine & Sprit International

Wine Anorak

Popular blog by Jamie Goode

Wine Blog

Excellent blog by Jo Diaz

Wine Business Journal

The Wine Business Journal (previously Wine Business Case Research Journal) advances wine business theory, teaching, and practice through the generation, cumulation, and dissemination of knowledge with strong practical and theoretical implications.

The Business of Wine Video Series ( was developed and produced as course material in support of academic and professional programs offered at the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University.

Wine Business Monthly

Wine Chronicles

Blog by Panos Kakaviatos (old blog was

Wine Diarist

Slate wine columnist Mike Steinberger

Wine Enthusiast

Popular wine magazine

Wine Explorers

outside the beaten path.

Wine Folly

Popular blog by Madeline Puckette with many visualizations

Wine Grapes

Definitive guide to 1,368 wine grape varieties

Wine Industry Insight

Wine Information Council (WIC)

Partnership between the scientific, academic bodies and experts in Europe devoted to research on health, cultural & social aspects of wine consumption with a searchable scientific database, glossary, and other references.

Wine Journal

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, California, Spain, France

Wine Lovers Page

Email bulletin, blogs, Discussion Groups (WLDG was online since 1995)

Wine Magazine

South African fine wine

Wine Mosaic

A non-profit project that promotes vino-diversity and the preservation of the original Mediterranean grape varieties.

Wine Musings

David Raccah's blog about the world of kosher wine and food

Wine News

News and reviews about everyday wine

Wine Spectator

Popular wine magazine

Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France

Popular blog about vineyards in France and elsewhere

Wine Titles Media

Australia, New Zealand

Wine Woman & Song

Blog by Juel Mahoney about London wine trade

Wine books

Many free downloads

Wine, Wit, and Wisdom

The Official Blog of the Society of Wine Educators. Great maps. Nice wine and spirits links.

Mendoza Wineries


Magazine of Wine Intelligence

WineLand Media

Covers all aspects relating to South African products of the vine and the rich culture around it.

WineMaker Magazine

Paid magazine; Free technical articles about grapes and making wine at home. Free reference materials (Chemicals & Ingredients Chart, Yeast Strains Chart, Sulfite Calculator, Blending Spreadsheet).


Sally Easton MW's articles, blog, and links. Articles provide excellent technical information.

Winegrapes of UC Davis

Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis effort to identify, acquire, and develop high quality wine and table grapes

Wines & Vines

Directory & Buyer's Guide

Winetitles Media

Austraiia and New Zealand Wine Industry Solutions including Wine News Monthly, Wine & Viticulture Journal, Grapegrower and Winemaker, Wine Industry Directory, Bookstore, Classifieds, Winejobs

World's Top Drinks Websites

Difford's Guide to the world's top 200 drinks websites ranked by traffic using on 2021-01-06

English-language publication dedicated to the wines of Austria, Germany, South Tyrol and German Switzerland.

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