Winemaking Calculators

Winemaking Calculators for Conversions, SO2 Additions, Fermentation, Chaptalization & Water Dilution, Acid Addition, Oak Addition & Fining, Fortification, and Wine Blending & Cost Calculators


Mobile app to scan label and learn about the winery behind the label. Augmented reality is simply used to display labels on live background rather than to provide additional value. Only 1 of 100 wines I had were recognized.

Sensory Wheel for Chocolate

Although apparently based on scientific practices, this sensory wheel is not useful as it ignores the relationships between appearance, aroma, texture and flavor, hence its duplicative nature. It is interesting in the sense of showing how a useful tool can be misused and in its inventory of chocolate sensations.

Aromaster Aroma Wheels and Kits

Aroma Wheels & Kits for Wine, Whisky, Cognac, Tequila, Beer, Sake, Coffee, Tea

Vintessential Laboratories

Austrailian Wine Testing Lab with technical articles (e.g., Flotation for Wine Clarification)

AVA Map Explorer

Official delineations for existing and proposed AVAs

Vine View

Areal vineyard mapping

Hanna Instruments

Knowledgebase. Winemaker eBooks and checklists on pH, SO2, TA, DO. Product video tutorials.

The Winery Website Report

Tips on how to improve your website

Wine game

Take photo of label and play game with friends or take quiz


Very expensive corkscrews

Info Calories Alcohol


Winemaking calculators and Industry news and videos


Suitcase to travel with wine safely

Wine Tasting Clipboard

Vinography Aroma Card

Aroma card available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese.


Wine Menu Manager, Beverage Database, Mobile application

Find the Vine

Search by grape or appellation in France

AG Wine

Comprehensive and authoritative wine app for iPhone. Also produce customized travel guides.

FederDoc App

VQPRD d'Italia, DOC Wines, Subscribe to Magazines for free


Restaurant supply

Grande Passione

Focus on Italian wines with spreadsheet study guides, mindmaps, information about appellations, grapes, and travel

Wine Defects Wheel

English, French, Spanish and Portuguese versions

Inkstone Playing Cards

Playing cards for red wine, white white, and cocktails

Aroma Wheel

Ann Noble's original still and sparkling wine aroma wheels

AZZ Cardfile

Tasting notes organization

BBR Wine Quiz


Pour wine without removing the cork

De Long wine discovery tools


Wholesale to the trade


Free wine cellar management PC application

Wine Appreciation Guild

Wine Education

Stephen Reiss, PhD, CWE. Games: FlashJargon, VinTriv, SimVin Lite

Wine Pages

Excellent resource by wine writer Tom Cannavan

Able Grapes and Garbled Peas

A search engine for trustworthy wine information by Doug Cook

Restaurant Wine

Ronn Wiegand, MW, MS

Debra Meiburg MW Learning Tools

Aroma disc and flashcards

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